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Light sleep and dreams

I dreamed I was working at a coffee shop slash art gallery slash theater that I'd taken over so that it wouldn't close. That meant that I got to make all of the customers' orders, bus tables, and wash dishes while other people were performing on stage. I also got to spend my paycheck from my real job buying supplies as there wasn't actually enough money coming in to, oh, buy coffee and dish soap.

I also dreamed I saw someone on the streets outside the coffee shop skateboarding on the walls - dressed like Guy Fawkes - having a shootout with some invisible people driving a van.

When I woke up, I noticed that I was on the edge of the bed, shadowdaddy was in the middle and had both pulled the blankets off (making me cold) and colonized fully half of the bed, and the cat had taken over an entire half of the bed to herself - roughly three times the space I was occupying. No wonder I wasn't sleeping well - and let's not get into the dream about the time travelling ninjas.
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