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Altering the routine

At the gym today, I tried a machine that looks like the bottom part of the cross-country/elliptical thing - little pads for each feet that move in a semi-circular, almost rocking motion. This machine is the one I use for doing my heart monitoring on - its BPM measurement is easy to trigger, so I run up to it from doing other exercises, grab ahold of the handles, and wait to see what I register. When I realized that this machine is basically the elliptical without the arms, I thought I could probably try it, too. In fact, with all of the workouts I am getting, I figure I am probably now strong enough to handle something this much like running, at least for short periods of time.

In fact, I did quite well. I think partially it's because I was near the door, so instead of being stupidly overheated like I get in the back of the gym, I stayed pretty cool. My heart got up to 150 after 3 or 4 minutes, and, hey, I was actually having fun, so I stayed on until 7 minutes had gone by then switched to the bike.

On the bike, I was not doing so well at even getting my heart up to 140, if the monitor on the bike was correct. I don't know what I was doing wrong - maybe reading makes me too relaxed (though I do love my silly mysteries). I hit about 12 minutes, then instead of going to the elliptical (all full!) I went back to the first machine. As it turned out, I _was_ getting over 160 the last minutes of my workout - just as the heart monitor on the elliptical had said and I'd refused to believe. Now, the doctor said 160 was fine, and I think even 165, but it's a little creepy to look at the red light blinking next to the BPM display, so I slowed down a bit.

At any rate, and if you didn't guess, this was the highlight of my day. With luck I will get my build tomorrow and the day will pass more quickly.
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