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Too much spare brain space: am filling holes with Proust (gip)

It's very quiet at work today. I'm going to be far ahead on my work when the day ends. I was good and went to the gym (did I really hit 172 BPM on the elliptical? I might have been feeling a bit dizzy afterwards ...) and had a lunch I brought in from home - reheated meat pie from the shop in York.

Somehow this has led me to spend a lot of time hitting Proust blogs online. I'm very much enjoying "Madeleine Moments," which is basically a Proust fan blog and thus very fun for me to read. This is where I heard about the book Proust Was a Neuroscientist (thence my lovely new icon) and Proust and the Squid (proving my interests can all overlap ultimately, given time). Who knows, maybe I should do a separate, all-Proust blog, but that seems like not as much fun as having it be a regular flavor item over here.

Today I feel like I'm really enjoying getting to work with my husband - we commuted in today, went to the gym together, and ate lunch together (in part because I'd remember to bring lunch and he hadn't). It was all kind of fun, but it's probably for the best that our work areas don't really overlap.

For those keeping track, work has estimated the cost of my visa (for them) as something like £4000, half of which I will be liable to repay if I find a new job within a year of receiving the visa (this being double what it would cost me to do it myself). It all seems rather depressing - I'd rather my golden handcuffs were a purer karat and much thicker than these. Meanwhile, the fact shadowdaddy needs his passport at the end of the month so he can watch the end of the Tour has come into play, but the attorney isn't even in the office to answer my questions today, much less finish the application ...
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