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Making plans, making plans!

Sometimes I make so many plans I get a little ahead of myself. Take last night. I went to the BFI box office to get my tickets for the movie we were seeing, and the woman asked me if I also wanted the tickets for the movie I'm going to on Friday. I said sure ... holding in my hand the tickets I'd just bought two days ago for this same movie. Dear dear. Fortunately I was able to get a credit for them which I can apply to the tickets I intended to buy, apparently for a movie on Wednesday (Ice Nymphs), but I do feel a bit stupid about forgetting which movie I'd already bought tickets for.

Anyway, I'm trying to get a fair bit of planning taken care of at present. I've now found a stunningly cheap hotel in Lyme Regis (The Smuggler) and booked our cheapie train tickets out there so I can study for my ISEB certification in relative peace and quiet, with some fresh sea air to liven up my time reading and staring at the computer. I've also just bought tickets for Giselle, my promised b-day present to bathtubgin. This about tops me up for theater for the next six weeks - I'd like to see Pygmalion and Chalk Garden, but I'm out of time, energy, and £££ for a while (say until the end of August), though I think I can scare together enough moola to see the next show at The Chocolate Factory - if I can convince someone to go with me (as I want to go while J's watching The Tour in Paris, I will need to find a boon companion).

Otherwise, my last planning type plan is to get a copy of Madame Bovary today so I can finally join the bibliogoth book club for real ... which makes me think, I should make plans to go horseback riding with silkyraven! And then there's planning for the trip with my sister in October ... cause of much belt-tightening over the next two months, I think. At least the work permit is paid for, and when that's finished I'll have access to some savings ...
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