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Waiting to get better at work - absorbed by Spindle's End

The last two days at work have been extraordinarily dull. All I've had to do is read specs (and do one time estimate); I've been easily distracted by about anything, especially the New York Times. My boss and I haven't gone on a walk yet; I could sure use the distraction. I hated that when I looked out the office windows (not my office, other people's offices) at 4 PM it looked like the sun was already setting.

Last night shadowdaddy went to a neighborhood council meeting, so I took the free time and went to Pilates, where we did far too many shoulder focused exercises for my taste. The rest of the evening I spent reading Spindle's End, a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story. I'm really enjoying yet, yet somehow I managed to put it down before I finished it and get to bed at a decent time last night. I also tried to catch up on the Thanksgiving dishes. We got the china washed that night, but there is still tons of glassware, silverware, and pans to take care of. It almost makes me wish I had a dishwasher. While I was washing the dishes, I made a pumpkin pie out of the leftover batter I had in the fridge, and when the dishes were through, I put the stock pot in the sink and pulled the bones out of the turkey stock. I'm all ready to make soup now, and I think I'm about done taking care of all of the Thanksgiving leftovers now.

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