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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

I am living kismet!

So ... I headed out of work to go to the bar I randomly got fixated on today. I had planned on not doing anything tonight, but then J got done early, so I thought, hey, why not meet him at the pub ...

and he shows up with an entire pack of people we knew in Seattle! Leader of the pack was Theo, my old partner in arms from the Early Music Guild - over the three years I was on the board there, we had a lot of talks about stuff, and I really enjoyed the fact that despite him being incredibly more educated than I was on all things musical, he still treated me as a valued co-conspirator. He was on the last day of his month long trip to Europe with his family (one of them being deliriousminuet, a classics student at U Penn), who were (gasp) just coming out of the Russell Square tube stop as J walked by. So he brought them with, and his text saying, "Boy, do I have a suprise for you" was very right.

And then steer and rosamicula showed up, as steer had seen my post!

And by golly we were there for two and a half hours. God, it was fun to catch up.

When we split up, we headed to Yoisho and then stayed THERE for another two hours or so. We were chatty.

In short, though I spent more tonight than I was intending to, it was ace. I love living here.
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