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Review of "Under the Blue Sky" is up

My review of "Under the Blue Sky", which most of you probably know as "that play Catherine Tate is in" is up. In short: the middle section, about a sex crazed math teacher (guess who?) is pretty funny.

Last night we got our tickets for West Side Story and The Threepenny Ring Cycle (at the National, only 10 quid!), so we've got some stuff scheduled for August at last. I found out Into the Hoods is closing at the end of that month, so I'll probably try to get tickets for that, too.

I'm tired now but I have to get motivated to get off the couch and get out of here. And why am I tired? Because I was up writing that review until 11:30 at night. Grrr! I am a slave to my theater blog.
Tags: review, theater
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