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More tier one visa song and dance

I decided to count swimming with spikeylady as my first trip to the gym and bunked off today in favor of a nice lunch with shadowdaddy at Hare and Tortoise in Brunswick Center today. That said ...

So it's not just enough we get copies of our bank statements signed and stamped from Group Health ... we need to do more. (I did mention that we now need to prove that my "dependent" also had access to assets of £533 for the last three months? Since I can't go back in time and put money in the bank for this requirement that I believe did not exist at the time, I'm having to use bank info from the US to cover this.) I quote:

With regard to the US funds, the letter from the bank will need to be original, on the official letter-headed paper or stationery of the organisation and bearing the official stamp of that organisation. It must have been issued by an authorised official of that organisation. The letter should state:
• your name
• the account number
• the date of the letter
• the financial institution's name and logo
• the funds held in your account
• that the funds of £533 (assuming we are using this for your, rather than Jason's, maintenance evidence) have been in the bank for at least three months and the balance must always have been at least £533. Letters which simply state the balance in the account on a particular day or an average balance over the three-month period are not sufficient.

What's funny is that because of the fact the money must not have gone below £X and also it must have all been accessible (which isn't true of the account we pay our mortgage out of, it has to have a minimum $2500 balance but aren't allowed to access it, so last month when it dipped below $2500 plus £533, we are screwed), we are having to use the account where we keep the deposit our tenants (hi guys!) paid in order to prove we've had the money and that J can be here. And the account I opened here to cover me to the tune of £800, well, it's not right either because it wasn't opened as a joint account and thus my name isn't actually on it. I think I can change that soon enough, but ... I really just can't believe all of this crap. With so many hoops to jump though, I should be a poodle in the circus. Which inspires me to change icons; I will use this one to talk about this process from now on.

It's all really just ludicrous. jillzilla is right, a visa application is the informational equivalent of a cavity search.
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