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Health fair noise

My office is right next to the large open area they call "the living room," which usually has one or two people in it eating lunch or occasionally playing pool Today, they are holding a "health fair" in that space, and the upshot is that my office is full of raucous spill. My boss came by right after our staff meeting and cracked the door open to say ... "Do you want to ..." and I was up and putting my jacket on before she could finish her sentence. My officemate asked me,"Are you going to the health fair?" And Boss Lady said,"No, we're going to the real health fair, which is anywhere outside of this building." So we went for a walk up the hill to BCC and, as I was hoping, and in spite of the little bit of spit from the skies, I feel better now.

Worthy Opponent and I are going to see the 7 PM "Touchez Pas Au Grisbi" tonight, and while we're out I'm going to pick up the new book by Patricia McKillip, autographed, at the University book store.
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