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Shiny, shiny, shiny trees of Christmas

I won my "I'm Bored Let's Go Shopping Online Instead of Working" bid on Ebay for an aluminum christmas tree. My hope is that we'll have it by this weekend. It will look SO COOL next to the picture windows. My Big Gay Accountant neighbor is going to be VERY jealous.

We made it out to see Touchez Pas le Grisbi ("Don't Touch the Loot") last night at the Varsity, and I enjoyed it very much. It was extremely stylish and a depiction of a world very different from the gangster movie world of today. What with it and "Pepe le Moko" and "Rififi," I feel I'm becoming quite a fan of the 1950s French gangster/film noir (would it be "black film" if the film itself were french?) genre. (While we were there we saw a preview for "From Here to Eternity," which will be playing there next week and which we now plan to see.) Afterwards we tried visiting my brother up in Ravenna to try the fruits of his new ice cream maker, but apparently he was off somewhere celebating the successful completion of his first quarter of compupter programming classes rather than sitting around waiting for the seagulls to fly by.

After we got home I finished "Spindle's End," which I enjoyed trememdously despite figuring out how it would end and the exact purpose of two characters about half way through the book. I picked up a copy of the new book by Robin McKinley (signed!), "Sunshine," just before I went to the movie last night (very convenient having the University Bookstore across the street from the Varsity theater), so it's waiting in the wings and ready for action. Oddly, though, I don't feel like reading it right now ... but I'm not sure which book I'll start next.

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