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Taking the rest of the day off, as it were: and, Agile testing

Well. I'm going to not push myself today and have eliminated swimming in favor of going home and going to sleep early or something. I've even talked shadowdaddy out of his French class, which he didn't want to go to anyway, but when I said, "Yeah, but you've been doing homework for three days straight!" he completely caved. Yay for me, now I have company for dinner.

I'm spending Wednesday through Friday in Lyme Regis studying for my ISEB exam. This has caused me to spend a lot of time fooling around online today in search of free study materials, which led to a funny cartoon about Agile testing (which not very many people will find funny besides me and maybe five other people on my flist, but, oh well, everyone else makes World of Warcraft and Dr. Who jokes and I never get them). This "EvilTester" guy is pretty funny overall. I also found an article on testing in an Agile environment on another guy's website that starts from the premise that sometimes testers "brin[g] friction to an Agile environment." Hot, and so true! I'm interested to see if my current company will wind up implementing Agile this time around - and if we do, I want to be prepared.
Tags: failure-ready agile, qa geekery
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