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Quiet night in, though I've discovered two other shows I want to see in August in the last 4 hours

I'm sitting around at home being quiet. I've decided against going out tomorrow even though there are bunches of things I'd like to see. I'm just too worn out, darn it. It's cooling down rapidly, though, so I should sleep well tonight.

shadowdaddy was nice and made me dinner tonight. It was good to catch up about his trip to Gay Paree. I think he missed me.

In other exciting news, today my theater blog had the most visits EVER. Shockingly, this is because of the writeup I did on the Mikhailovsky Ballet's Giselle, which has been linked to by some Japanese website. (I Babelfished it and saw it had a reference to "Jizeru," which is apparently the Japanese phonetic spelling of Giselle - so cute! Also "ブログ", pronounced burogu, is the Japanese world for blog.) I also discovered another theater blogger who seemed to be following me around last week. She also likes ballet a lot and I think I want to ask her to see some shows with me.

I'm tickled as hell about getting a promotion finally after ten months at this job. Betfair, eat my shorts! I am being taken out to lunch tomorrow at a lovely Italian restaurant nearby to celebrate. I still miss spikeylady and bathtubgin though - I kind of wish I had gone out tonight but the word on the streets is that I probably ought to be taking it easy while my center of balance tries to find its way back to my actual center.
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