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Studying for this certification is BORING

Man, studying for a certification I just don't believe in is a TERRIBLE way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I am _only_ doing this to "walk the walk" since I'm now a manager and think that newbie testers have something to gain by spending enough time to learn the very basic concepts covered in it (and to use a vocabulary that is actually standardized in the UK, unlike the US where people argue about what a "regression" test really is, retesting a failed test case or running tests that verify software more widely - are you asleep yet?). But this damned cert doesn't show you know how to test at all - I've interviewed MANY people who could parrot back things in the test but when you applied them fell over their big clown shoes just like they were fresh out of the big top. I have maybe picked up two or three things in the book I spent my three days in Lyme Regis pouring through that I think I might be able to use back at the ranch, but that's a really low signal to noise ratio. I would have been way better off spending three days reading the books on stuff I'm really interested in, such as practical test case design and managing risk in projects. But no, instead I'm doing rote memorization of vocabulary words and trying to be 100% positive about the 15 components of the IEEE 829 test plan documentation set, which no one I know uses. AAAARGH

There is a wonderful little book by Jo Clayton I started reading on my way back from the trip (after I finished Madame Bovary), "The Snares of Ibex," which was so good it polluted my dreams last night with visions of evil half-cat women trapping Our Heroine in their planty lair, but instead I'm reading about the IEEE 829 blah blah blah (the book says, "Use SPACEDIRT as an acronym to help you remember the sections of the test plan!"). I also want to be sending out emails and updating my other blog with a review of the play last night, but if I don't pass this test it will be humiliating. It only needs to be 25 out of 40! AAARGH!!! I HAVE BEEN TESTING FOR A DECADE AND THIS DUMB LITTLE TEST IS NOT GOING TO PROVE I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!

"Cyclomatic complexity," "LCSAJ," who cares! Does it matter what name you call the "role" various people might play in a code review? I SWEAR, until the day I die I will never require some bullshit cert as a proof of competence for a job! AAARGH!
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