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I'm running a bit lazy this morning

So far I've written on the white board, eaten a ham and cheese croissant, talked to tonyawinter about her visit, and ordered some fudge from Anna Lena's in Long Beach, Washington, which is apparently closing down. I've also written up a slightly fuller review of Pygmalion at the Old Vic.

Tonight is drinks after work - a taking it easy kind of evening. I probably need these now and then.

Hey, Proust readers, if you're at Time Regained (pages 15-23), can you answer this question for me (or discuss it with me)? So this whole section is a quote from a book, supposedly. Interestingly, it's basically discussing the same people the narrator has described elsewhere, the same social activities and such ... but written in a completely different style that I would describe as dry and pandering. Is the point of this to contrast it with what the narrator himself is going to write, that is, the different point of view, or is it just to make fun of it? Or did Proust actually like this writer? I see the narrator commenting that he disagrees with this other author's conclusions about these people, but when I was reading it, I couldn't help but feel like Proust was mocking him heavily - but only if it was a real book. What do you think?
Tags: proust, reviews, theater, time regained
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