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Make me laugh!

We went tonight to see I, Lear, a two man comedy show (one act) currently playing at Trafalgar Studios. During one scene (a bit from The Cherry Orchard or some other hateful Chekov play, they're all the same), the actor was stomping around hunched over, pretending to be an old man, stumping around with a cane. He then fell over and attempted to push himself off of the stage with his cane ... and the tip broke off. It wasn't staged, you could see the fresh wood where the lovely object had snapped. As he lay there rocking like a tortoise, the other actor came over to complete the scene by helping him up (by his cane), and said, "You've really twatted it up this time!"

I swear I have never heard anything so rude come out of an English person's mouth in the whole time I've been here, and I just completely lost it. It was even better than when he spit his "teeth" out at the audience ("Just tic tacs! Witness the power of theater!"). I was also losing it because the snapped cane was messing the actors up because they were laughing at each other. J was a bit embarassed.

Overall this was a pretty fun show, light and silly and just my speed on a Friday. I'll write more about it on my other blog but I laughed so hard I just had to share it a little bit.

Other funny line:
Watson: One final question - why did he paint the doorway yellow?
Holmes: It's a lemon entry, dear Watson.

PS: Russia is bombing Georgia, and instead all the news is about the Olympics. WTF?
Tags: puns, theater
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