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bad white dog

The last week we've been keeping our female poodle in the kennel during the day instead of leaving her in the kitchen with our barely-older but much calmer male poodle. I feel bad about doing this because she doesn't have nearly as much freedom of activity, but ... the week before Thanksgiving she broke an antique cereal bowl (in my white Franciscan set) and a very nice covered casserole. The casserole was on the stove - slippery, I could imagine her standing on the stove and sticking her face in it and slowly, slowly pulling it over the edge - but the bowl she pulled off the countertop. She also has been pulling things out of the sink. We have never been big on keeping on top of our dishes, so I've been trying to keep her away from them by keeping her confined. But last night I thought I'd be nice and let her stretch out and hang out with Shadow while we were at a play ... and came home to broken glass, shredded sponge, and a general disaster in the kitchen. Fortunately neither of the dogs were cut up but a previous glass-breaking episode in the previous week was not so well met. I told Worthy Opponent that I want to see Lily get a new home by the end of the year (taking us down from 5 pets to 2 in one year), and he ... agreed. I was surprised. Now we just to figure out the best way to do it.

Last night we went out with Cathy and saw "The House of Yes" at Theater Schmeater. It wasn't a perfect production (especially considering that some dramatic scenes were ruined by having the damn supporting pillars of the building RIGHT IN THE WAY of the actor's faces, although a bigger complaint was the actors not being as up-to-par as I would have liked) - but it was a delightfully creepy show, and I'm glad we went. I'm NOT so happy at the asshole manager of Half Price Tickets, who gleefully took our money for the show rather than telling us it was a pay-what-you-can performance (not listed on the company's website, damn them) - he wanted to get his service fee, the jerk. After the show we acted like People Who Live In The City and went to 611 for post-show crepes and hard cider (love that Bellot!), getting us home around 11. Tonight (in keeping with my 7 Nights, 7 Shows theme for this week) I'm hoping to go see "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" at the Seattle Children's Theater. We'll see how the day shakes out.

The book I started yesterday, "The Darkangel" (Meredith Pierce, TOR, 1982), was very poorly written and I've decided to suffer the loss of its cost and consign it to the dustbin of libraries and move on. It was quite a disappointment to get such a bad title from TOR -they're normally quite reliable. Well, I hope I have better luck with Jo Clayton's "Moongatherer."

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