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Chinese food and karaoke make for a good evening

Tonight shadowdaddy and I went to Chinatown to celebrate thisstagewc1's birthday with her (obviously) and a bunch of (mostly) her theater loving friends. Fortunately this was a crowd where I wasn't struggling for things to say, though debating the merits of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull and good locations for kayaking in England wasn't exactly what I was expecting to be talking about! We at at Chuen Cheng Ku, which I've never been to before but which wins props from me for good food (the garlic Chinese spinach stuff was deelish, and the various dim sum items were yummy enough), then headed to K-Box for some singing. Having a group that was half gay men and a third exuberant women was ideal for karaoke; we piled on the show tunes and stuck to gay anthems. It's not surprising that Cabaret was sung three times - well, twice isn't too surprising, as the second time it was so we could have a laugh at the horribly mistranslated lyrics (I'll try to recreate them later). I sang "Cry Me a River" which went over pretty well, but the energy was so unrelentingly up it may not have been too good of a pick. Our two hours just flew by and before I knew it, it was time to leave! Hopefully I can get an evening in like this before too long goes by.

Tomorrow: horseback riding in Surrey!
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