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We're going to New York!

I've been watching prices on tickets to New York for two months now, since mid-June when after Air France entered the market and the prices briefly went way down. I wasn't ready to commit then, though, and saw my £323 Christmas flight slide between my fingers as prices shortly thereafter headed to £400 and stayed there.

Until yesterday, when NW suddenly went to £311. Now, that's for a flight with a crummy old plane change, which turns an almost lovey 8 hour transatlantic experience into a far less palatable 12 hour ordeal ...

but then BA dropped their price to £360. And today they dropped it to about £310 (if you buy on Expedia.com or CheapTickets.com). And that was my buy price, especially after shadowdaddy convinced me that I could ethically use the check from my mother in law to pay for two thirds of the cost of the tickets.

So hurray! We're going to New York, and I'll get to see my new nephew (as well as my brother and sister in law, and maybe even my brother in law), and hopefully my (former) dog Shadow (and his new owner the_divas) too! We're leaving on the 19th and will even get in town in time for a show, which I'm sincerly hoping is Xanadu. We'll come back on the 30th, saving ££££ and getting us to London in time for New Year's Eve.

AND just to make it all sweeter, when I went back and looked at the ticket prices, they had gone back up another $13 each. I'm not sure why they changed - but I bought at just the right time.
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