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The most wonderful, horrible thing I can't do without my passport

So I read today (on the way back home, on the train) that they're filming A la Recherche du Temps Perdu ... in France ... on September 27th ... and I could be a part of it if only I could be there.

Let's be clear. According to the article I read (from The Guardian), they're filming people reading the book (in French, I assume) and broadcasting it live over the internet.

I know this sounds like the saddest, geekiest thing ever, but I got so excited reading about it and I REALLY want to be there.


I mean, it will be like a big Proust convention! With other fans! We can do Narrator On Saint Loup slash! (Or, who knows, maybe that happens in the last book anyway.) On the internet!

Anyway, I was bouncing up and down in my chair and squealing, and someone out there will be excited about it. And if nothing else, the article does include a list of Proust movies I can watch later.

Oh, and I bought a copy of Pinter's Remembrance script today at the Oxfam, and chatted about Faulkner to the woman behind the counter, before heading to the Eagle to meet J. Now I'm full of tacos and feeling unmotivated.

SHORTLY THEREAFTER: Hmm, found her website and volunteered to read for her movie of all seven volumes ... perhaps she'll let me.

EVEN MORE SHORTLY THEREAFTER: What was there before cat macros? Why, taping bacon to the cat, of course.
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