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Somehow I completely forgot that my work group is going out to lunch today, and not only brought in my lunch but also asked someone if they wanted to GO to lunch with me. Dope. But it's clear what the highlight of my day normally is. Today, it will be a visit to the Taj Palace.

I had a great conversation on the bus on the way into work today with "Elliot," a semi-newly hired guy here who hails from Scotland (and who I listened to yakking on his cellphone outside of my office for a good half hour yesterday afternoon about the red light district in Seattle). We talked about public transportation, the rise in the valuation of the Euro, what $4 a gallon gas would do in the US, and the unexpected consequence of policies controlling development (as well as the results of a lack of these policies, read: Phoenix and Atlanta). He's looking at learning Japanese at the local community college, but I think he may be a wee bit confused about the difference between Japanese 101 and 102. Now he's all excited about going to see some movies at the Grand Illusion with me. I'm wanting to see F.W. Murnau's Sunrise, but it won't be coming out until right after Christmas, so it may be a while before I make it back.

Last night (after a day of many, many meetings) I decided to skip Pilates and head directly to dinner after Worthy Opponent picked me up. Restaurant of choice was the Old Szechuan (aka the Sichuanese Chinese Restaurant), where every dish they brought out just made me happier and happier. We ordered too much food, but the bigger problem was that it was all so good I didn't want to stop eating it. Szechuan Spicy Beef Chow Mein, dumplings, pea vines (hand sorted by the Maitresse D'), and Chung King Chicken ... so very, very good!

This was little consolation to me as I sat through the oh-so-boring board meeting. "We don't have money ..." - maybe we should ask people for some? "We don't have a clear mission statement ..." - I don't know why we're here either, should we figure it out? "Good, motivated people don't stay on the board ..." - could it be because we accomplish nothing? Gah. Afterwards I ran over to ReBar for the Bald Faced Lie holiday party ... and, as usual, hanging out with a bunch of theater people made me feel incredibly lonely, so after a quick chat with Karen of BFL (a friend of W.O.'s from ye olde college days), I snagged some sugar cookies and called it a night.

Tonight, perhaps not so exciting to others but very much so to me, we'll be having Matt over for some Puerto Rico. Mmm mmm baby! Cathy might show up too ... and with Pam that'll be a five person game. Sign me up!

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