Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

The West Putney nursing home

Well, my houseguest is ill, and I think I am, too, but not as much as she is. A little congestion, a tight throat, is it really different than the feeling of living with allergies every day? (Aside from the fact this is highly communicative, obviously.) I felt a bit like I was walking through toffee yesterday when we were in Cambridge but it was obvious I wasn't being knocked on my butt like she was - the stairs up to the platform at the Putney Bridge tube station really winded her (made her legs burn, actually) like they didn't when she was well.

Anyway, I'm up now and have had a toasted crumpet with pesto and a poached egg on top and several chipolatas for breakfast, and am now working on my tea. I'm getting bored. I don't know how to sit around. I should probably work on cleaning the house - it sure needs it. Tonya's still in bed - perhaps something will happen when she gets up, but mostly I get the impression she's relieved to be able to spend a day pretending like she's not on vacation half way around the world and can just spend a day doing nothing and not feeling guilty about all of the great stuff she's missing out on. (I'm mortified by the thought that she might not see the Elgin marbles before she leaves.) I'm listening to Jordi Savall and really enjoying it.

Maybe this can be LJ story time, and I can tell the tale of gooseberries I promised to ergotia a month ago, or talk about how I handle feeling rejected, or ... maybe I'll do that Proust writeup. Or I'll do the "Best Cheap Eats in Theatreland" story on my other blog.

Boy, it's quiet here.

Maybe I should just read a book.

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