Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

My day home (sick day)

What I've done:
1) watch river go up
2) read LJ
3) read DJ, NY Times (great article on how finances affect a couple's success, recommended reading for all)
4) checked prices to Barcelona for October
5) tried and failed to contact American friend living in Barcelona
6) checked prices to Krakow for around Christmas time and decided not to go
7) saw email for cheap tickets for Fat Pig (not an anti-fat show - see review here) and bought four (for the deal, 20 quid seats, call 0870 060 6637 and ask for the email deal - as I booked early I also got two extra tickets for free, which the two people I was hoping might want to go turned down - shall try again elsewhere)
8) mopped the kitchen floor
9) took a shower
10) made lunch (fresh fetuccine with pesto and halved raw cherry tomatoes, yum!)
11) watched the river go down
12) started a post on Gongfu Girl
13) checked houseguest was not dead as she hadn't made it out of her room at all (the cold is hitting her hard, I think)
14) called shadowdaddy to ask him to pay a bill and tell him about the theater tickets
15) held a book I am supposed to review in my hand
16) hit LJ again and again
17) ran the dishwasher
18) looked at the full sink suspiciously (seriously, how can the sink be full while the dishwasher is also full, and running? Are they breeding?)
19) brushed the cat
20) tried to convince someone else to be a fourth for the cool sound and light art thing at the Royal Opera House Saturday night
21) checked in with other sick people to see how their colds were progressing (I'm apparently the healthiest of the bunch)

Right, I am going in tomorrow, no doubt about it.
Tags: my boring life, skiving

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