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It's almost 5 PM on a Friday! And all I can think about is work.

Yes, it's the time of year when a girl's thoughts turn lovingly to ... waterproof boots. My big comfy Mary Janes have sprung a leak in the sole and even a little bit of water on the ground is enough to send me home with damp tootsies. Now, many of you have different ideas about proper foot care, but I have cat-like degree of loathing for having wet feet, and thus, much as in the springtime a young man's fancy turns to love, in the fall, this girl's fancy turns to waterproof boots. Humorously, the boots I want are called "Lili" and "Trish." It would be Freudian if only the La Canadienne people had any idea of my social world.

In my boot fantasies I contemplate the low heeled saucy goodness of Trish, but then find myself distracted by the cherry crinkle tastiness of the Lili. Sadly, neither of these boots is available in a wide, making me think seriously about the knee-high stompiness of the Pisa. I am suddenly distracted by the hyper-shine of the Santana "Mira" - but it's only available in a 6 (US), drat! Perhaps the Santana Diana will work?

Ah, it's all too much. Perhaps I should revert to the simple pleasures: these little guys, in red with a black bow, and, of course, a monogrammed bag, perfect for chilly weather. At least I can afford them. (That said, it does really seem like I should try to order a pair for my sister to bring over to me - the boots I brougt with me from America have seen some really hard use and need to be replaced.)
Tags: boots, shallow fashion details, shoes

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