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Let's just clarify

Folks, I was having a wee bit of a joking self-pity comment about the lonely, lonely weekend. I would like to see people. I am not going to die and I know that. But I will miss having anyone at home for four days. Please do not take me too seriously, unless it motivates you to want to do something with me, which is fine, but not because you think I need to be on suicide watch.

Let me be clear about what's really happening this weekend ...
1. Tonight. Nothing. Possibly "From Here To Eternity" at the Varsity.
2. Tomorrow. No work during day. Fill time with Christmas shopping, planting a few remaining flower bulbs, returning some stuff, possibly taking feral kitten to vet. Take late, long nap. Eat dinner with friend (I planned this last weekend in anticipation of having nothing to do) and drink lots of caffeinated beverages. Go to game party, then go directly to work at 1 AM.
3. Saturday. Come home from work around 9 AM or so. Deal with dogs. Try to sleep. Deal with dogs. Go to Medieval Women's Choir concert if I can stay awake through it, possibly go to Slater-Kinney/Catpower show if possible to stay awake long enough to get to it.
4. Sunday. Recover from Saturday's lost sleep. Go to cookie party at my brother's house early PM with dagmar_b. If possible, find a place to watch second part of "Angels in America" (hello, scarlettina?). Pick up shadowdaddy at Amtrak station at 10.

I've got room for Karaoke in that schedule somewhere, I'm certain ...

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