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End of J's birthday

Thanks to everyone who showed up at the George Inn today! We really had a lovely time. I posted a pic while we were there but it hasn't shown up yet.

The day got off to a good start with a fry up at the Wetherspoons (doubtlessly there are a million better options but we like how this one is close and cheap and allowed us to freak out Tonya by having her served eggs ... with a side of baked beans ... and grilled mushrooms). Afterwards the three of us headed into town, somehow winding up at the Scotch shop at Vinopolis, where tonyawinter pretty much peed when she saw that they had the Scotch she'd been not able to get for the last 5 years since they stopped importing it into the states (Knockando). J was somehow convinced by the birthday zeitgeist (or, er, me) that it was a fine time to get some more booze and picked up a gorgeous bottle of Pittyvaich, made in a brewery that has since been demolished (*sniff*).

After the many houred do, the remainder of the party (us three and babysimon) went to Bangalore Express for some dinner. We were silly and sat in the "bunk tables," which are accessed from a ladder. The food was good and quick and cheap as always, getting us out in good time for (the remaining three of) us to get to Queen Elizabeth hall to see Stereolab St. Etienne (with a brief tour through about six stalls at the Thames Festival, which topped me right out for crowds and made me grateful to have a quiet place to go to). The concert was pretty good, but I'm afraid I'd run out of energy for the night probably about ten minutes into Stereolab St. Etienne's set. Stupid cold! I did manage to finish Atrocity Archive just in time to hand it off to Tonya for her return trip, however. I do think it was a good and successful day.

We're home now and I must to bed soon. Normal service resumes tomorrow, by which I mean we'll be seeing five plays in five days. I am excited - we're going out the gate with a Pinter double header at the National tomorrow! W00T!
Tags: this sunday was actually not pissed away

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