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Looks like a quiet night in Lake Jay-Be-Gone

I'm still at work, dorking around because I don't have anything else to do, really, or mostly. Well, I kind of have one thing to do, which is write my Tablet story. That will probably be the focus of the evening. No going out to a movie, no going out to dinner. I've got some nice Chinese food to heat up at home and dogs waiting for a walk and an editor waiting for my story (due tonight). I do have an invite for drinkies around 9 on Capitol Hill and I think I'm going to take that up given the lack of competition for excitement. Then tomorrow I can sleep in, get up just in time to go to Pilates (at 11), and fool around all day prior to going in to work at midnight (ETA has been moved up). Expect few posts, or a million, tomorrow.
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