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Thanks, Weather God, for SHITTING ON ME!

Yeah, the weather is shit right now - rain PLUS cold PLUS blowing. OK, at this very minute, there's a little bit of blue over downtown, but really, it's flying north so fast it can't possibly last past my cup of tea.

I slept too long. This is because I stayed up too late, which is because Cathy got sneaky and invited me to play Puerto Rico last night, which I found far more interesting than going to a movie by myself. I managed to get a call in from Julia (she's coming to visit on Saturday of next week, which she did NOT know was our annual Winterbrew party) and a walk with the dogs (it was short since it was very cold out and they seemed absorbed in other things) in before I left again. Unfortunately this meant I wasted my early evening writing time at a coffee shop, and I wound up staying up until 2 AM working on my article. I got an extension, so it's actually due today, and I'll be revising it after the caffeine kicks in.

I'm not really sure what else on my "to do" list is going to happen today. I need to buy Christmas presents, I have cleaning that needs to happen, but I absolutely have to hook up with my sister and law and pick up that feral kitten. I wonder how that adventure will turn out?

Gosh, I really just want to go back to bed. This should be good for my afternoon nap, but it's not so good for right now.
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