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Getting my funny on, NPR

Tavis Smiley was interviewing Meimei Ali, daughter of Muhammed, today. It was pretty funny ... "I can't date. Just imagine those guys talking about me with their friends. 'Yeah, she was calling ME the greatest! We went ten rounds last night...' "

Then there was the Rewind ad ... "The Bush Administration has announced that companies based in countries that were not members of the coalition will not be able to place bids on contracts to rebuild Iraq. They must also be based in Texas, have phone numbers that are alrady known by the Pentagon, and have names starting with 'H' ..."

It's late, and I didn't get all the stuff done I as aiming for. The bulbs are finally planted, I got some wrapping paper and made it to the bank, but it's already time for my nap and about a hundred things just didn't get done yet. Once I get up, it will be non-stop until 8 AM tomorrow. Joy!
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