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Crisis schmisis

Well, financial meltdowns don't make the need for lunch go away, and today (since the build is delayed AGAIN), shadowdaddy and I went to Asadal, a lovely Korean restaurant right next to Holborn station (and when I say right next I mean in the doorway between the big exit to the station and the sandwich shop that's exactly on the corner - all it is is a doorway!).

This was rather splurgy as the entrees were £7 for the cheap lunch plate, but since what we ordered eventually came with three sides (sauteed beansprouts, kimchee, and potatos in some kind of savory sauce) and tea was only £1 a person (with free refills), I wound up thinking it wasn't actually a bad deal. I wound up getting the Beef Bulgogi set meal (£12, kick me please but I was weak), which had soup, salad, mystery meat side dish (deep fried and full of thick mushrooms) and eggy zucchini cakes as additional side dishes (not to mention rice) - and I couldn't finish it all. Sitting and eating in this lovely room with perfect lighting over the gorgeous wooden tables, it was all so gorgeous, and I think it was actually worth it. God only knows if the economy totally tanks I'll be sorry I didn't save it all ("and invest it"), but I guess I could have lost it then anyway just like I did in 2000 with the dot com crash!

Apologies for the lack of pictures, but I left my phone at my desk. It would have only made you hungry, anyway. Now, for the rest of the week, I'm thinking I will be able to make it back to the gym - I'm only coughing a little bit and my energy levels are improved, so I'm about ready to call myself well and get back on the horse. I do surely need the exercise and since the gym is paid for through October, and since I bring my lunch when I go there, it's really a money-saving venture to go!
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