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Prop night post two

"Who's Fred Casely?"
"My ex-boyfriend."
"Why'd you shoot him?"
"I was leavin."

Oh yes oh yes oh yes we both, oh yes we both ...

I'm on to listening to Chicago (the musical, not the 70's soft rock group) and indulging in what I will call the "orange" food group: cheetos, doritos, and cheddar ruffles. It was darned nice of them to buy poofy cheetos. MM mm. Doritos of course were to be expected. Oddly enough all of the little sandwiches and fruit - ostensibly, the healthy food - is all gone now. I've got some oreos, too. I've finished smoke testing my two IPs and I'm about to start the kind of harder testing that constitutes "phase two." I sure hope this prop goes easy - the puddle of nastiness in the kitchen right before I needed to leave seemed like a bad omen.

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