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The top ten ciders

The Independent printed a list of the Top Ten Ciders in their paper on Thursday. It's actually much nicer looking in print than it is on the website. On the other hand, that's all I've got to link to, so that's what you get.

I've not tried only four of the ciders - Gwynt Y Ddraig's Orchard Gold, Riddenden's Strong Kentish Cider ("dry"), Cornish Orchards' Black and Gold Sparkling (yum!) and West Croft's "Janett's Jungle Juice," which sounds a bit frightening, more so because, er, it gets a best buy stamp.

Work was busy today. I made it to the gym, but could only go 20 minutes - it's not so much that I've lost muscle tone but I actually feel weak (lightheaded and overheated), with my heart hitting 150-155 bpm on the bike, which I couldn't make happen at all before tonyawinter's visit. What kind of health am I in, really? I hope I'm all better soon.
Tags: cider, health
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