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Creditors at Donmar second best play of the year

The Creditors just blew me away tonight. It was like Pinter with all of the words in it, so instead of these big mysteries you just had the mysteries of why people are so damned fucked up. And it was only an hour and a half long so I got home in decent time.

Man. An hour and a half of that kind of intensity is almost difficult to process this soon after the fact. Just ... just go if you like that really good theater shit and want to be blown away. I lost myself, I believed in the characters, it worked. The actors knew about the contract* and they held up their end. It's at the Donmar and you can have gelato at Scoop beforehand.

Proper review tomorrow. Wine tonight.

*The contract is the thing you and the performers agree to for any given night you spend staring at a stage. You agree to give them money and be appreciative and they agree to make you forget about the world while you're watching them, and to even make you forget that they are just people with lives outside of the theater - that you may even forget that you are in a theater. A lot of bad performers forget about the contract and think it's about "process" or "learning" but it's just not true. They have not read the contract.
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