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Not that I'm a biking race fan ...

I just sat and watched the unveiling of this year's Tour De France route Live! On the Internet! with shadowdaddy, who's attempt to upgrade to IE7 has entirely broken IE on his computer and thus sent him across the office to mine. But it was fun anyway, we got lucky enough to miss the stupid movies and talking and just see the cool "yellow line moving across France" bit. The Tour is going to Barcelona and to Italy, Andorra, and Switzerland this year. I told J we'd spend a weekend somewhere watching a mountain stage this year ... now we can figure out where we want to go ... and I ask, Alps or Pyrenees?

Here's my transcription of the towns I saw as they appeared on the screen (doubtlessly there will be a real map online quite soon, but this was a scoop for about five minutes):
: Oho, this lokos like a map. Come over now!
: Birnoles Marseille
: La Grande Motte Montpellier
: Le Cap Daged
: perpignan
: gerno
: barcelnoeA
: Androrrea two stops (La Vielle)
Port Invalira
Cot de Port
Col D'agnes
: Saint Giron
Col D'espin
another peak
: Saint Gaudens
: Tarbes
: Limoges
: Isssoudun
: Some town I could#t rad
: Tonnerre
: Vittel
: COlmar
: Besancon
: Ponarlier
: Vergier Martigny
: Burg San Mauriece itayly
: Le Grand Brorannce
: Annecy
: Aubenas Moonlemar
: or something
: MOnt Ventoux
: MOnteroau
: And gosh it looks like Paris
: Funny how it always winds up there

Who knows, maybe I'll be nice and go to Paris with Shadowdaddy to watch the end of the Tour this year. :-)

And he hasn't said it but he's been offered a show of his own, a Christmas Carol at the Red Lion in Islington. I'm very excited for him!
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