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This is my America - thank you, Colin Powell

Inspired by this picture (of Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan's mom at her son's grave in Arlington), Colin Powell has gone out and stood up for what's right:

He told Tom Brokaw that he was troubled by what other Republicans, not McCain, had said: “ ‘Well, you know that Mr. Obama is a Muslim.’ Well, the correct answer is, he is not a Muslim. He’s a Christian. He’s always been a Christian. But the really right answer is, what if he is? Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer’s no. That’s not America. Is something wrong with some 7-year-old Muslim-American kid believing that he or she could be president?”

Well, alright, Mr. Powell. Thank you for that.

I am still against the war and I don't think anyone should join up to go fight in it. I am against armies in general. But man, I am really grateful to Colin Powell for saying what needed to be said. I would be happy and proud to have him serving my country again in a high office.
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