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Quiet around here today. Paella.

Boy, it's quiet in here today. I don't know if the girl who was sitting next to me will even come back, ever. It's ... disturbing.

Last night I tried my hand at paella, as I wanted to do something with the chorizo I'd brought back. I was mostly inspired by a recipe on Cooks.com, but if you know what I like to eat (i.e. no seafood and no asparagus) you can see where I had to change it a bit. This chickpea and chorizo paella looked tastier (quadruple the spice level), but I was convinced by the use of both ham and pork shoulder to go with the Cooks.com recipe instead (though I liked the "quick" element of the chicken and chorizo recipe on Epicurious). Ultimately my paella had onion, bell peppers, green beans, the three porks, white wine, parsley, garlic, saffron, and cayenne pepper (about a teaspoon) as well as the chicken sauce, and it was DEELISH. Key elements: add all liquid at once (unlike risotto); bake after initial add of liquid (makes a nice crust on top).

And now it's off to the Haunted Holborn walk, and tonight we're going to see an election year play, Now Or Later.
Tags: iron chef putney, recipes
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