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Didn't want to do anything fancy tonight

Went out with my very old friend Dug and had dinner at Shalimar while catching up on everything that's happened in the last six months. I had thought ahead and brought both the Puerto Rico game and bottles of tequila. We finished off the Jimador (which only had two shots left in it), then had some Cazadores. It was very appropriate to drink the tequila he gave me in the shot glasses I gave him - I'll have to pick up some for myself when we go to La Paz next month. (Final score: 59-52, his win because he got two large buildings and I only got one.)

It was funny tonight to come home to some Puerto Rico trash talk on my answering machine, courtesy of my brother's friend Dave. Here's a sample: "Dave here ... talked to Chris and Maurie last night, who mentioned you got together and played Puerto Rico last week and you all didn't do so good ... BWAH HAH HAH! I mean, I'm sorry to hear that. We're looking forward to seeing you at the party tomorrow and playing then. Perhaps you can get corn next time, Webcowgirl, and maybe you'll do better. BWAH HAH HAH! I mean, we'll see you then." Has the gauntlet been thrown down?
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