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Need to get over it and get out of bed

It finally happened today - day three of shadowdaddy's absence. I couldn't find a good reason to get out of bed. After waking up at 10:30 (then reading email and farting around online for a bit) I went back to bed until 1. I fell asleep thinking about writing a card reminding a friend of mine that she hasn't called me in three months (deciding that it's not good to beg and I should just not think about it) and, incongrously, about the strange mental makeup of Furs (thanks to a series of LJs I followed earlier that led me to pugetsoundfurs). The mix of dreams I got once I was unconscious was fairly interesting, and with the clouds rolling back in I just sat there feeling all nice and warm and sleepy and not wanting to get out of bed. I know I have a list of things to do sitting on table, but who cares if they ever get done. It's a good thing Maurie called to remind me about the feral kitten - currently in line to get neutered and generally vet-treated on Monday. Her call woke me up enough to really get my ass rolled out of bed, and I finally made some breakfast and tried to ... do something. I don't know. Nothing. I think I'll try to make sense of the Christmas presents I bought yesterday. I guess since I invited dagmar_b to the party I have to go and can't just sit here doing nothing all day (maybe extending the invitation in the first place was my subtle plan to encourage the "Sunday" me to do seomething the "Wednesday" me though I might not do once I started shutting down). Maybe I'm still just worn out from yesterday. I'll be glad when he gets back today - I really need to be motivated to do more than just read ciphergoth's Amazon wish list, fascinating though it was.

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