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Ace night at the West Wing

Well, at some point this summer I started going to Streatham rather more than occasionally to do water aerobics with spikeylady. I did this because 1) I wanted to get her out of the house 2) it's fun 3) it means we get to hang out all evening.

Three months later and hey, look, #3 is still a massive motivator for me. I've ditched my gym membership in favor of a new exercise routine I think will do more to help me reduce stress than my current one. Basically, one night of aqua, two lunches of Pilates, and, bang, a much happier me. I mean, the whole goal of the gym thing was to reduce my blood pressure, right?

So in keeping with that I was off to Streatham for a long overdue visit with Miss spikeylady. We had piles and piles of visiting to catch up with (conclusion: October was generally crap for me; there's hope that it may improve; her new job is ace). Sadly, the aqua start time had changed again, but in retrospect we were both relieved to be saved the extra 15 minutes of workout time. When we returned, ciphergoth was mixing up a pasta bake, and we flopped on the couch and snuggled up with some of the wine left over from Saturday's party. Shortly after lilithmagna showed up, and the pasta was done, and we got into the conversation! Obama, America, the Supreme Court, absentee voting, the NHS and the US medical system, Andrew Jackson, "what America stands for," how do Americans think, can the Republicans steal the election, Alexis de Toqueville, "Shining City on the Hill," JFK, was Bush the worst American president ever, transexuality, ciphergoth's star turn on DailyKos, EVERYTHING. Everything everything everything. It was great.

I, I, I felt like my own person. I felt like I was talking at a high level of intelligence about things I really cared about, about everything, like my whole life had been a preparation for having conversations like that. It was so great! And there was warm food and wine and I felt like I was home. It was great. I can't wait to go swimming again next Monday.
Tags: i love it here!, politics
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