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Post prop return to work, where is my good night's sleep?

I'm still strung out from this weekend. I couldn't fall asleep last night and at some point (5:30 AM) moved out on the couch just to ensure I got a little shut eye during the hour and a half I had left to get it.

It was great having Worthy Opponent back home. He almost walked by me at the train station (there's an exit that doesn't require going through the lobby) but he saw my big red coat all the way from the platform. They're restoring the King Street Station and what they're got exposed looks really cool. Why in the world would they hide all of that beautiful terracotta under ceiling panels? It will be gorgeous when they're done. Then maybe with a little luck they can see about improving train service so that we've actually got a reason to go down there.

The party last night did NOT turn out like I intended. dagmar_b did come, thank goodness! Without her, I would have never made it out the door yesterday and would have just stayed home in my jammies and new slippers and been depressed. But Dave's trash talk turned positively vitriolic, reminding me that half of being a good sport is being a good winner as well as a good loser. He finally figured out that he'd pissed me off, but by then the damage had done and I'd lost any interest in engaging him on the field of geekly battle. (More to come, my stomach is hurting from excess caffeine consumption and I have to get some food in it.)

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