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Just a little more about the party

Between this one friend of my brother's and Dave I was almost in tears. It's weird, I'm pretty thick skinned, but suddenly I realized I had No Friends Left at the Party and no energy to fight with the people who were there. (The weepiness and the lack of energy were probably in part because of the lack of sleep from working until the Crack of Butt the day before, and not having shadowdaddy with me - for the fourth day in a row.) So I decided that rather than just leaving the party to go home (which I'm sure would have resulted in kind of freaking out my brother), I just decided to ride it out and hide out in the kitchen with the cookie decorating contingent until I felt more in control of myself. I wound up staying for another two hours ... it took that long for me to calm down, then I wanted to try to get some "being a good guest" time in before I left. I'd say it all worked out for the best, but who knows? Maybe I should have just left. Chris was very nice about escorting me out to the car, and he did acknowlege earlier that some of the guest were being poopy. I know HE was trying to be nice, and that's what counts, the people that I went there to see cared about me. But my original fear, that I would go to this party and be surrounded by a bunch of Libertarian types that I had nothing in common with, did come sadly true.Fie.

Er, what else ... about the party. I got into a rather hostile conversation with one of Chris' libertarian friends (reminding me of why I never went to Liberty Video or any other of those political events). She got right up on her soapbox to tell me how The Value of the Individual was the most important element of Western Society and what made us Superior to those Misguided Asians and their focus on the Community. Also, if we had more Private Property and less Government Interference, I wouldn't have people throwing trash on my front yard, and presumably problems like unsafe food, child labor, and pollution would all right themselves on their own if the Free Market were allowed to reign. Good lord. And she wonders why she can't find a date. Amusingly enough, it appeared that she was there with her ex-husband ... unless I misread the situation. We also wound up talking about blogging, and I said I'd lost enough friends writing my blog already that I didn't think it was really the great source for building community she made it out to be. Thus, making this posting for friends only. HAH!

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