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Food pr0n and other links

Well, in what is doubtlessly the most exciting article to hit the New York Times in weeks (looks like election season is well and truly over!), the secrets of making perfect gravy are revealed. Now, making perfect gravy is one of my superpowers, but I don't consider it a loss for this knowledge to become more widely disseminated. Key element: "one tablespoon of fat to one tablespoon of flour to one cup of liquid will make gravy." They've also got a nice article about good side dishes, which is always the element I fuss over every year. Of course, this year I'm not cooking Thanksgiving, so I don't have to worry about finding the ingredients to make sweet potato gratin with orange zest ... though, who knows, maybe I should.

Meanwhile, the NY equivalent of an Oyster card has been used to get a man out of jail as its verified his alibi. As near as I can tell he's been in jail since May, so this is a really good thing.

In other "which news is most interesting or useless" we have an article about teenagers socializing on the internet as well as Project Runway, when will it return (critical news this!). And finally, happy people spend less time watching TV, but it doesn't seem to be a causational thing.
Tags: happiness, links, recipes, tammy's texas kitchen, thanksgiving
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