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Not caught up with life

I realized I've not been doing a good job of updating hear thanks to the miracle of Twitter, which is very distracting for me at present.

After Tuesday (came back to work and was tired; went to see some dance stuff), I had a Wednesday which was one of the low points of the year. Basically at 4 AM I was awakened with stomach cramping; at 6 AM I was somewhat delirious with exhaustion but had worked out (through various hints my body was dropping) that I had food poisoning again. I called in to work around 7:30 and tried to see what I could do to get my stomach to stop hurting so I could get some sleep. I did sleep and got up at 9:30 thinking I might actually make it in, got online, took a shower, and asked the vacationing wechsler if he wanted to hang out with me for lunch (even though I didn't figure I could eat).

Then somehow things got worse. The cramping got more severe; I started to hurt a lot. I couldn't find a position that didn't hurt. Then while walking from my bedroom to the living room I started blacking out - my hands went all numb and tingly and the darkness closed in on the sides. I went into the living room and sat down and started panicking about being passed out on the floor with no one able to help me as I wasn't even able to sit up enough to look at the info on my computer and called wechsler and asked him to please come over NOW while I could still get the door, then called J and told him what was going on and to please call me and W in 15 minutes and make sure W had made it in the door. W did show up quite shortly thereafter (and I was able to make it to the door to let him in) with a bunch of medicine, and as he stepped away from me to get me some water I burst into tears from the pain and the fear and the stress. He and J conferred on the phone while I had some water and some medicine. I threw up when I tried to eat some of the food he'd brought - my stomach just wasn't ready for it - and he wound up calling the NHS help line while I lie on the floor in front of the fireplace, covered with a blanket and shivering in my polartec jammies, trying desperately to warm up.

The nurse gave him some advice on what to do with me (like what medicine would help the stomach cramps, what kind of food I could keep, when I could probably eat, did I need to go to the hospital), I had some rehydrating salts, and as the pain went away, I fell asleep for another two hours, warming up enough at some point to turn off the fireplace.

By four or five I was feeling well enough to sit up on the couch, and by six I was willing to try some soup. J came home for a bit but then left again; W had nothing going on and was happy to stay and play my nurse for the entire evening.

I have to say I am immensely grateful to Wechsler for taking care of me when I was in such horrible shape. I know J would have come home if W hadn't been just ten minutes away, but the fact that W was so close and could come over and did just saved my bacon. I couldn't even handle talking, much less getting myself to some place where someone could help me, and knowing that someone who could actually figure out what needed to be done with me was right there was just such a terrible relief.

Yesterday was a struggle for the first half of the day as I tried to deal with the exhaustion, dehydration, and stunning lack of energy (and being emotional), but I settled down and was able to feel about normal by the end of the day. Before that time I had a convo with the CTO of my company, in which the main point he was making was "we want to keep you happy and keep you here" but he was unable to explain just what sort of challenges he could give me to entertain me. At home J made dinner for me and W (bit of paybacks for Mr. W making him dinner the night before) and afterwards J and I looked at flats online for a few hours. I was pretty much tuckered out by 10 PM.

Which brings us to today. It's Friday, huh? I'd better try to get a lot accomplished - with all of the ill I'm very behind.
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