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It's like I'm in a movie only no one will illustrate

I went to see American Splendor tonight and I really liked it. It didn't have a dumb cute Hollywood ending, which I liked and was true to the source material. I thought it was interesting that throughout the whole movie he never talked about how writing about people you know can get you in trouble. I figure if I can just write about stuff that happened ten years ago I'll be safe, but what I really need is a good artist to get me over my story telling hump by doing all the drawings for me so I can focus on the writing part. Too bad I'm not friends with R. Crumb. Harvey Pekar has all the luck.

On the way home Worthy Opponent and I were trying to come up with a name that would capture all of the dumb dot com companies that I worked for. I noticed that they have a lot of "bits" of words in common (like the "ia" ending) and that it should be pretty easy to blend them into one big fake name that I could use to refer to every company I have ever or will ever work for. Worthy opponent got Vendarkadioia. I came up with Expedilidaciocious. I think we've missed a couple of companies, though, since we skipped Q and X. Any suggestions?
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