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Flat hunting day two

Well, last night we went to see two flats, one in Putney, one in Wandsworth. The Putney flat (1A Sefton street) was a barn, probably 800 square feet, but with all of the charm of a short stay hotel. The carpets were cheap, thin gray pile, the bathroom looked last reno'ed in about 1960, the living room had a wooden parquet floor and a former fireplace with a gigantic space heater in it, the shed covering the entry from the kitchen to the backhard had parts of it falling down. Still, its greatest disadvantage was that it was a full ten minutes hike from Putney Bridge, and thus about 20 minutes to the actual tube station and just too far to be practical to the rail. I found the thought of an apartment best lived in in rollerskates charming (the second bedroom was big enough for about three queen sized beds, and the "main" bedroom even bigger), and the back yard, little jungle that it was, looked a fine place to spend a summer afternoon reading. The lack of a dining room wasn't so bad considering you could fit a dining room table into the living room and still have room for the couches. Still, it was too expensive. Maybe if they'd come down 150 I'd consider it.

The second place, 21 A Barmouth Road, was a 12 minute hike uphill from Wandsworth common, a real warren of rooms (split level) with a dingy back yard and a most amusing cellar (pity it wasn't another foot taller in there). It also had no dining room, and while it was going to be getting a new bathroom and it had a respectable front room, it just had no charm whatsovever (and an utter lack of tube access). It was in the price range I want, but ... nah.

Anyway, supposedly four more flats tonight, somewhere near Earlsfield.

The rest of the evening was whiled away eating pasta (thanks to wechsler for bringing us dinner) and playing Hunters and Gatherers (no thanks to same for winning; we'll call it your "host appreciation gift").
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