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Flattened, flat, flattery. Hunting.

We looked at two places tonight, one in Earlsfield, one closer to Wandsworth Town Station. The first one, 1 Altheldene Road, the tenants want to break the lease so it's not listed at all. (They wanted $1100 for it). The kitchen was 2/3 the size of ours -- well, in floor space, as it was all set up as a corner there was just much less of it -- the bathroom was a straight shot deal with peeling linoleum in the back, and the bedrooms were an okay size ---

but but but ...

there wasn't enough room for a table to eat at ANYWHERE. Maybe you could fit a little half moon of a table in the living room near the window, but it would be pushing it. Now, the yard was nice, and wasn't being hovered over like the backyard of the flat we saw on Barnmouth Road, but it just overall had that Habitrail-like Victorian conversion feel to it. Still, with copies of Battle Royale and Dr. Strange and Mr. Norell, I did feel a certain desire to hang with the tenants. Ah well. The street around Earlsfield train station did look pretty happening overall (a Korean restaurant!), and Earlsfield had awesome service, but ... somewhere else.

Next stop was 11 Daphne Street (supposedly they'll take less than it's listed at, this time of the year is apparently bargain getting time if you're looking for renters). This was the first place we went in Jason didn't hate - the ceilings were a good height, both of the bedrooms were decent sized, and the kitchen was a total dream, with lovely wood counters, piles of space, and a wonderful table set for three that could easily fit more. The backyard was mostly paved, but seemed alright. The front room was crowded with two full couches in it, but looked like it might have a working fireplace it in.

Anyway, if we could get this one for the same price as the other one (as the agent indicated we might), this could work, but ... I don't know, I saw a dream flat in Putney that makes me think another one might just be there. And Wandsworth Town station just doesn't have such good service.

I don't know, Putney, Earlsfield, Wandsworth, Tooting. It's hard to decide. God, I hate flat hunting. Even more, I think, I hate cleaning the flat, and I need to do that now ... and make a chocolate pecan pie. Bah. I'm sure I'll have a good time in the next week while my uncle is here but all I want to do right now is have a bit more hot apple juice with rum in it and go to bed.
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