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Review of Cinderella at the Lyric Hammersmith

Well, my review of the somewhat ill-fated trip to see Cinderella at the Lyric Hammersmith is up now. We probably should have gone to see Cinderella at the Wimbledon theater, but, um, oops. It wasn't a bad show, though, just kind of ... not so much not what it said on the tin but I do really feel like they weren't clear enough about to what extent this show wasn't supposed to be lighthearted. That said, I'm too tired to finish the review of today's opera - it will hold until tomorrow.

Um, day in general: nice breakfast; grocery shopping; went into town to see "Riders from the Sea" at the English National Opera; came home and cooked duck for shadowdaddy, my uncle, and wechsler (this was kind of his thank you dinner for taking care of me when I was sick); played Pinochle, wrote. I think it was pretty much a perfect day and I'm in a pretty good mood now. Yay for nice Sundays.
Tags: reviews, theater, this sunday was actually not pissed away
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