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You guys are funny

Man, two weeks with nary a comment, then you get all wiggy when I make a post about travelling! Maybe I should really post FOR my "audience" rather than posting ABOUT me. And hey, I have a great restaurant review up on seattle_dining, if you want to read that. I should warn you that it will make you hungry.

Er ... on with the stuff that everyone apparently finds so dull:

Not much going on at work today, other than lots of free food everywhere. I went on a really long walk with my boss during the noon hour because the sun had come out and, gosh, it just looked great outside. You could see the snow covered peaks of the Olympics off to the west and the Snoqualmies to the east. Despite how gorgeous it was, we still had to come back to work. I have to rewrite my review by the end of day, but otherwise I have a profound lack of work on my plate. Not that I'm complaining. I've been hard at work finding the perfect place to stay in La Paz - and I think I finally got the right one (it's amazing how much time you can spend looking through the results of a Google search on hotel/pension/B&B and "La Paz, Baja California"). I also got completely absorbed in reading about this one guy's 16 day trip in and near La Paz, complete with photos of good restaurants and his recommendations on where to rent kayaks. I've changed my desktop to a picture of the sun rising over La Paz harbor. I'm ready to go on vacation, really.

Tonight, we're going to see a preview showing of The Triplets of Belleville (which for some reason I originally misheard as "The Triplets of Bellevue," which I imagined as a porn movie involving very blonde marketing executrixes). Otherwise, we really have very little planned between now and the party on Saturday, although I imagine that we'll be busy getting presents wrapped and mailed and getting things cleaned and organized in preparation for Jared's arrival Friday and the party Saturday. With luck we may find time to try out the Puerto Rico expansion kit - I am definitely ready for a new challenge! Except, of course, for the challenge of standing in line to see a movie, which is why I, seemingly alone of my friends, will not be heading to the Cinerama any time soon. It's not like the movie is going to change if I wait a week or two to see it anyway, or as if I'm missing out on the opportunity to see it with a bunch of my friends (that would have been nice but offers were not forthcoming, and apparently the people at work are already off on vacation and too busy to be bothered organizing something like this). I guess I would have enjoyed the full day thing quite a bit (mmm, free pizza!), but the lady was not with me and I had no such luck. Ah well.

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