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One for you and ... that would be three for me, huh? Maybe I should put something away ...

It's past time for Christmas presents to be mailed, and our gifts are still looking mighty thin and mighty unmailed. This led us to skip the movie tonight in favor of a wrapping and packing extravaganza, which led to the conclusion that we did not have enough presents yet. "Thanks for the new car, mom, I hope you like the coasters we got you ... not to mention the roasted peanuts." So off we went to the U-District Tower Records, where I found myself walking around with four CDs I wanted and only one that was a gift. Back I went with all four. I'll come back when I've got my KEXP member card with me so I can get my discount. Yesterday we went to a bookstore, and I had somewhat more success there , picking up only one item for me (since it was independent Bailey Coy I didn't mind paying full price). The book in question is "The Years of Rice and Salt," an alternative history that posits that Western civilization was wiped out during the black plague (a very interesting concept, especially after listening to people talk about why Western civilization was superior on Sunday as if it was actually true). With any luck I can get the person I bought one of the books for to lend it to me later ... I didn't even know that author had anything new out!

Hmm, now I can try one of those exquisite chocolates sallysimpleton picked up for me in New York ... I can't wait!

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