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The corrupting effect of Google

I finally got a peek at the stats for my other blog, and I'm getting tons of hits for John Currin and the curiously, continuously popular "monkey rug" and "chinese wallet." I wonder what it is I'm missing about the last two items? I mean, why are they popular? Is there some secret meaning, like how CBT does not always mean "computer based training?" I actually add stuff to that blog in response to its popularity (thus the increasing importance of restaurant information), but I've been surprised to see people going after the NY Times articles I've dropped in there for my personal reference (they go stale after a week). Of course, no one apparently goes to look at the Tablet articles I put in there besides me. Maybe I should work on entering the menu of the Maltby cafe into that blog instead of working on a Christmas letter or the text for an ad for Lily. There's certainly not much else going on today. If nothing else, the weather is beautiful, so even if I get blown off for my lunch with Rebecca I can take a walk and amuse myself with the spectacular vistas you get here in the foothills on a clear day.

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