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It happens sometimes, doesn't it

Well, shadowdaddy's play is behind schedule, so it looks like I'm spending tonight by myself, eating Roast Duck for One. I was just not going to bother but I didn't want to freeze it and it needs to be cooked, so ... it's in the oven. I suppose I can just take it out and put it in the fridge afterwards. Maybe I will and then have the sausage and cream pasta thing I actually wanted to make last night before I came across the duck.

Are any of you going to see his show? Official opening night is tomorrow. Lots of people are attending the preview tonight, apparently about 70 folks.

I guess I get to spend tonight finally catch up on all of the reviews I haven't written yet, though I expect I'm going to be spending rather a lot of time with the new Robin McKinley book (Chalice, I am loving it to death) and also Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.

I spent most of today being trained in using Agile, the Scrum variant. Guess what? It's stuff I've already been trained in. I got into a long argument with the trainer today about how to handle people dropping all of the stuff on QA at the end of the cycle, and his solution ultimately was that everybody needs to be a generalist and know how to do everyone's job, and he even recommended QA people sit there and watch people code. Wow, that sounds like a GREAT way to make sure the team very quickly consists of nothing but developers - because I would quit. It is no more fun for me to watch people code than it is to watch them wash dishes or do math. Hopefully I didn't make too much of a scene as I energetically disagreed with him.

Wow, it's cold in here. I wonder how you turn on the fireplace?

Oh yeah, and this looks like the big chance for me to do my Sekrit Christmas Present Shopping. Better get on it ...
Tags: failure-ready agile, so ronery, they call this training?
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